surface fictions


so let's be "real."

thousdands of black people are being "sent to," "accepted by" the state of TEXAS.

before i continue lemme say this: my mother was from texas. my sister was born there. i went to college there. my first husband was from texas, i was first married in texas. my best friend of 25 years i met in texas.

all of my mother's relatives still live in texas.

my first cousin (beautiful college girl) was raped, murdered, stuffed in the trunk of a car and left for dead, in texas.

i have a kind of position from which to say this.

thousands of black people are being "sent to," "accepted by" the state of TEXAS.


on the surface: benevolence.

on the surface: christian love.

on the surface: a place for suffering people to rest.

underneath the surface fiction:

you actually think these people will be given jobs?

you actually think these children will grow up with a sense of integrity and history and cultural pride?

you actually think TEXAS will sustain all the COSTS?

you actually think there have been no BACK DOOR deals made financially?

two words for you: george bush.

two other words: fucking liar.

let's talk about making fictions outside of mainstream entertainment, shall we?

fiction matters.


Blogger metabzkeova said...

I have this image stuck in my mind (after reading a certain news article) of fuck brained Bush putting his arms around two women, kissing them on the tops of their heads, and then referring them to their local Salvation Army station that was actually destroyed in the flood. Isn't he supposed to be the fucking head of the 'salvation' army? I think in keeping with southern traditions, and being the narcissistic Christian he is, harboring an obvious messiah complex...I think he should be sacificed to atone for his and his father's sins. We could first hang him from a tree, but not before cutting his balls off. Then after we've sufficiently let him dangle and bleed, we could cut his hands and feet off and insert them into his bowels via an incision below his ribs, near the abdomen. We could then remove and donate his brain to science, preserving it along side Einstein’s for comparative analysis. Then we could nail his remains to a cross and plant his crucified corpse on the front lawn of the White house. Then we could set the cross on fire. And then, we can make a movie about it, and we can sell T-shirts, burning flags, and red food colored popcorn to fans. I actually have a Hollywood producer interested. Though he’s thinking more along the lines of something like, The Reality TV Movie: The Burning Bush.

12:19 AM  
Blogger metabzkeova said...

"Almost a third of the AIDS deaths since 1993 were blacks, who make up less than 12 percent of the state's [Texas] population, according to the Austin American-Statesman."

The Southern US. The secret Africa the US won't help.

So what exactly are the options for probably the most desperate group of people in the US at this time? Well, let's take a look at the current options for many blacks and the poor who already eke out existence in Texas.
[AIDS, prison, TB. Let's send them to a state we know we'll legally be able to dispose of them, one way or another.]

"The state of Texas executes more people than any other jurisdiction in the Western world."
"Although nearly half of all murder victims are black, 82.62 per cent of those executed nationwide were convicted of the murder of a white. This pattern of racial disparities is repeated in Texas"- Amnesty International
"Austin--Texas health officials say tuberculosis in increasing in the state because of homelessness and the AIDS epidemic, but they are unsure why the disease is targeting blacks. Last year Texas had the third highest total of TB cases in the nation, with 2,000. Michael Kelly of the health department's bureau of disease control said, "Tuberculosis may needlessly continue to spread in any minority group which is at risk if infected persons don't seek care." The TB rate is increasing among blacks while decreasing among whites and Hispanics, according to officials. Another health department official said TB is preventable and treatable, so that with current medical technology the disease should not be a problem." -AEGIS

...and in the end, He said let there darkness.

12:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see a tendency for the media to become increasingly abstract so that they become more direct extensions of thinking.

--Ronald Sukenick

8:35 PM  

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